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Post like a pro with a social media content production package from Ben Isaacs Media. From concept to creation, we produce content that stops the scroll.


Video Content
Social Media

PostPRO helps brands

stand above the rest.

PostPRO offers businesses comprehensive video marketing specifically geared towards social media in order to expand brand awareness and trust. Don't put your marketing on the backburner, get started with PostPRO today!

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The PostPRO Breakdown



Seen as the brainstorming and planning phase, this is where content concepts and ideas will be created. Every PostPRO package comes with Pre-Production included, so you don't have to worry about leaving any ideas in the dust. 


Lights, Camera, Action! The production phase is where ideas come to life. Using the production time allowed by your PostPRO package, we'll film to produce content as established by the
pre-production phase.




This is where the magic happens! After filming content during production days, we'll take the footage back into the studio for editing. Here we'll color, cut, and caption content to prepare it to be released into the wild. 

Each PostPRO Package is broken down by the three different stages of production; Pre, Pro, and Post-Pro (understand the name yet?)

By using a flexible approach to the PostPRO package creation, the amount of videos you receive with each package can vary depending on how you choose to use it; the opportunities are endless. Whether you want to batch-produce a handful of videos or spend time making the perfect reel, we've got you covered.

In addition to everything you receive with PostPRO, you will also receive a 10% discount on any projects that fit outside of the PostPRO package.

It's time to create!

Best Value



  • 6 hours of production time per month

  • 6 hours of post-production time per month

  • Pre Production time included



  • 10 hours of production time per month

  • 12 hours of post-production time per month

  • Pre Production time included



  • 14 hours of production time per month

  • 16 hours of post-production time per month

  • Pre Production time included


to fit your needs.

Every business is unique, which is exactly why PostPRO social media content packages can be customized to fit your businesses specific needs. If you're interested in investing in your business through social marketing but don't feel you fit within the above packages, contact us today and we'll work with you to create the perfect PostPRO package to fit your social media content needs.


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Ready to post like a pro? Let us know which PostPRO Package you're interested in!

Thank's for your interest! We'll be in touch shortly.

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